Police lyceum

They dream about police shoulder straps at the Police lyceum

Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs is proud of Kharkiv Special boarding school Police lyceum. Police lyceum is a comprehensive educational establishment of the II-III levels with profound study of social and humanitarian subjects and specialized training (profound law and physical training, training pupils to be able to serve at the internal affairs agencies and giving them skills which are necessary for the service).

The lyceum activity is very close to the university one. Fundamentals of law and history at Police lyceum are taught by post-graduate students, lessons on Fundamentals of self defense are taught by the lecturers of the special physical training department of the University, on parade drill by the officers of department on service organization and scientific and training institute of criminal police etc. The Lyceums pupils participate in all the events conducted by Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs.

Many pupils at the Lyceum have found not only their way in life but also a family love, because orphans study here. Kharkiv local administration together with Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs take care about pupils of the boarding school.

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