Publishing activity

Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs provides editorial and publishing activities based on the Constitution of Ukraine (Articles 10, 15, 34, 41, 54, etc.), Laws of Ukraine On Publishing Activity, On Copyright and Related Rights and On Printed Mass Media (Press) in Ukraine, other laws, regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Education and Science, State Committee on Television and Radio, the Highest Attestation Commission of Ukraine and State Standard of Ukraine in the field of publishing activity.

In 2008 the University as a subject of publishing activity was registered in the State Register of Publishers, Manufacturers and Distributors of Publishing Products.

The key units of the University entrusted with the publishing activity are the editorial division of the department of scientific work organization and the section of offset printing of the department of supplies and utilities. The main tasks of these units are arrangement and publication of educational, scientific, methodical and reference editions, as well as blanks and journals production for the needs of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs.

The main objectives of the University in the field of publishing activities are annually defined within the publishing plans, which are adopted by the Rector after their approval by the Academic Council.

The University is the founder and publisher of printed scientific professional editions: collection of scientific papers ³ Visnyk Kharkivskoho natsionalnoho universytetu vnutrishnikh sprav (Bulletin of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs, collection of scientific papers ³ Visnyk Kryminolohichnoi asotsiatsii Ukrainy (Bulletin of Kryminological Association of Ukraine), journal Pravo i Bezpeka (Law and Security / Law and Safety), an also electronic journal Forum prava (Forum of Law).

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