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Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs
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Conception of international Activity at KhNUIA for 2007-2011

    Main directions of international activity at KhNUIA:
  • Joining to international police organizations and educational establishments;
  • Making unilateral and multilateral agreements with higher educational law enforcement establishments, foreign police scientific organizations and associations
  • Establishing and maintaining contacts with foreign embassies, representatives of international organizations;
  • Realisation of mutual projects on actual scientific problems (training of high-qualified police officers; combating organized crime, human trafficking; fighting against drug abuse, weapon trafficking) with foreign colleagues;
  • Exchange of cadets, students and professors with the aim to improve their professional level;
  • Organization and participation in international projects (conferences, exhibitions, schools, seminars, scholarships etc.).

    Collaboration with international organizations
  • Council of Europe;
  • British Council in Ukraine;
  • House of Nurnberg;
  • French Centre;
  • Embassy of the USA in Ukraine;
  • Embassy of France in Ukraine;
  • American Council on International Education;
  • IREX;
  • Office of Fulbright Program;
  • Centre of International Education Assistance “Osvita”;
  • Swedish Institute;
  • Geneva Centre of Democratic Control on Armed Forces;
  • DAAD (German Academic Exchange Program);
  • ABA (American Bar Association);
  • Program by Peter Yatsik;
  • Alexandr fon Gumboldt fund, Germany;
  • International fund “Renascence”.

Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs cooperates with foreign educational and scientific centres. The most effective relations has been developed with educational establishments of the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuenia, Azerbaijan, etc.

    The University has Agreements on cooperation with the following higher educational establishments:
  • Academy “Stefan chel Mare” (Moldova Republic);
  • Police Academy of Latvia;
  • Belgorod Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation;
  • Portland State University (United States of America);
  • The Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus Republic;
  • Ryazan Academy of Law and Management of Federal Corrections Service;
  • University of Arkansas School of Law (United States of America).

International Department at Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs

The international department is a structural unit for coordination of international activity at the University. The main task of this departmant is to conduct an effective work at the University for expansion and deepening of international relations, improvement the image of the University in the world, analising the development of international activity at KhNUIA.

Contact information of International department

Tel.: (+38-057) 7398-096, (+38-057) 7398-267

Fax (+38-057) 7398-324

stanislav210007@gmail.com; ird@univd.mvs.gov.ua