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Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs
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Representatives of the Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs took part in the Forum "Cadets and Student Spring - 2017", which took place on the basis of the State Penitentiary Service (Chernihiv).

 The team of the university included the team leader - a Senior Research Scientist  at the university''s department of organization of scientific work, Volodymyr Chumak, a candidate of law sciences, cadets of Faculty No. 2 Alexander Belyh, Yaroslav Ganus, Oleg Gumaylo, Roman Yeromenko, Katerina Krutonok, Vladislav Petrov, Georgy Sukhorukov, Alexey Chyzhov, Vladislav Savinkin, students of faculty No. 1 Artem Dmitrenko, Talina Nesvitsyckaya, Sergey Podvysotsky, Yaroslav Sinyak, cadets of faculty No. 4 Aleksey Barbashov and member of master course Roman Markin.

The purpose of the forum is to attract students and students to research activities, to increase the motivation studying the disciplines, to establish communication between cadets and students of higher educational institutions.

The forum was held in the following nominations:

- presentation of teams

- contest "Pride of the nation" (in English);

- sports mini-football competitions between the teams participating in the forum;

- Legal Brain-Ring "Formation and Development of the Hague Law";

- tournament on the History of Ukraine;

- the festival of positive "ART-PRAKTIK".

The program of the forum was rich and varied, were held intellectual, creative, sports and entertainment contests. All teams demonstrated a high level of knowledge and practical skills, creative approach and creative thinking. Participants of the forum communicated and exchanged impressions.

The jury of the forum changed in accordance with the competitions. It consisted of leading specialists from different fields and branches: judges, private notaries, employees of state institutions, teachers of other higher educational institutions, outstanding athletes.

At the solemn wrap-up of the forum on the decision of important members of the jury team of the KNUHD won a forum and was awarded diplomas and gifts from the organizers of the event.