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Oleksiy Serdiuk, deputy head of the Research Laboratory on Combating Crime of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs, participated in the XVIII Annual Colloquium on Transnational Crime, which took place in Bratislava (Slovakia) from 18 to 20 of June, 2017.

During the seminar, Oleksiy Serdiuk and deputy dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Anglia Ruskin University, head of MA courses on criminology, Dr. Hanna Markovska, presented the report “Arms Trade during the Conflict: Understanding of Illegal Networks of Weapons Trafficking in Ukraine”.

The materials of the seminar are annually published in the thematic collective monograph in the publishing house Wolf Legal Publishers. The work on the section that is going to be published at the end of the year begins with the presentation that is being discussed at the colloquium. Written section in the light of the comments received in the colloquium is sent to reviewers. After 2-3-month review process, the materials are published, and the monograph will be presented next year at the next colloquium. The work on the publication lasts one year. Oleksiy Serdiuk co-authored with Hanna Markovska prepared five publications in the collections of this colloquium in English.

Each year the colloquium takes place at the new European University. The scientific leader of the colloquium, Professor Petrus van Dyne, was offered to hold the colloquium at Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs in 2018. Petrus van Dyne, as well as the members of the editorial board of the colloquium, gave their prior consent. Conducting this scientific and communicative event will promote the development of creative relations between Ukrainian and international scholars.

Also, Professor Petrus van Dyne suggested to conduct a joint research with some scholars from Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs aimed at studying the understanding and experience of reforming the police in different countries of Europe. Within this initiative, we conducted a series of focused group interviews with police officers of Kharkiv region. Today, surveys of various categories of police officers are ongoing to identify actual problems and barriers in the reform of the National Police of Ukraine, and the writing of a joint scientific paper is also ongoing. The results of previous studies have been based on a number of scientific recommendations and propositions sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.