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Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs
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Representatives of European Union Advisory Mission Field Office in Kharkiv City Saer Ammar and Vladyslava Irinieieva and representatives of Kharkiv Office of UN Monitoring Mission on Human Rights Krasimir Yankov and Serhii Shtukarin have conducted a number of workshops on human rights for cadets and students of the University.

20 applicants for the higher education took part in workshop every day.

During workshops, lecturers told about human rights and international-legal human rights protection. Conditions of the Declarations of Human Rights and Convention relating to Protection of Human Rights 1948 and Basic Freedoms 1950 have been reviewed. Special attention has been given to the activity of International Criminal Court and European Court of Human Rights.

Members of the workshop were interested in the subject, they took an active part in discussion of the subjects, interactive games and were discussing alive.