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The Schuman Declaration from 9 of May 1950, which laid the foundation for European integration, was the first step towards the initiation of the Europe Day celebration. This year Europe marks the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration.

The decision to celebrate Europe Day was made in 1985 in Milan at the summit conference of the European Union. Since then, this holiday is annually celebrated on May 9.
Today, Europe Day along with the single European currency, the euro, a blue flag depicting a circle of gold stars, and the anthem is a political symbol and attribute of the European Union. To celebrate Europe Day, the EU institutions open their doors to the public.
In Ukraine, Europe Day is celebrated at the state level. The annual celebration was established in Ukraine by the Decree of the President of Ukraine “On Europe Day” of April 19, 2003 No. 339, which set the third Saturday of May as the date of Europe Day celebration in Ukraine. By this document, the Ukrainian government and local authorities pledged to ensure the organization and holiday in all corners of the state, and the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provided coverage of the celebration in the media.
Many years of experience in organizing and celebrating Europe Day in Ukraine indicate that this Day is a matter of national importance and a big step towards the European integration course of our country. The celebration of Europe Day in Ukraine is also Ukraine's population familiarization with European values, traditions, cultural heritage; it is the idea of European identity spreading among European Union citizens; it is the affirmation of common European values.

Europe Day is a great occasion to express support for the European Union and to form a positive opinion among the population about Ukraine's accession to the EU.