Science Park “Science and Security” is a legal entity established at the Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

The park brings together contributions of the founders (education, science, business and state) with the aim to design, coordinate, monitor and implement innovation projects.

The main functions of the Scientific Park “Science and Security”

  • Design of innovation products in the sphere of public security;
  • Information, legal support and consulting;
  • Involvement of students, alumni, postgraduate students, researchers and university staff to the launch & implementation of projects;
  • Development and support to SME & innovation entrepreneurship
  • Education, professional training;
  • Search for funding and investments in a new business enterprises;
  • Protection & representation of founders’ interests at public bodies and local authorities;
  • Development of international cooperation in the spheres of scientific, technic and innovation activities;
  • Encouragement of foreign investments.

Objective of the Scientific Park is research and innovation development to commercialize results of scientific research in Ukraine and abroad.

Advantages of the Scientific Park are:

  • Synergy of private capital, research and public partners;
  • Ability to use equipment and facilities of the University for its purpose;
  • Equipment and goods could be imported by the Park without paying custom duties according to the Ukrainian legislation.

Partners of Scientific Park “Science and Security” are Kharkiv Regional State Administration, Department of National Police in Kharkiv Region, Amalgamated Territorial Communities of Kharkiv Region, Private Companies.

Aim of Scientific Park “Science and Security” is scientific and innovation development in the sphere of public security, creation of Situation Centre and commercialization of results of scientific research.

Priorities of the Scientific Park are:

  • create unique concept «Safe village» – «Safe city» – «Safe region»;
  • fnctioning of the University Situation centre as an entity integrated into “Safe city”, cluster acting in close cooperation with Regional situation centre and Department of National Police in Kharkiv region;
  • normative support of situation centres (including legal regulation);
  • professional training of personnel (operators) and experts in criminalistics for situation centres;
  • develop IT infrastructure at situation centres;
  • coordinate actions of local authorities, amalgamated territorial communities, local public bodies, department of National Police in Kharkiv region, municipal enterprises and private companies as customers of intellectual video monitoring;
  • provide information and consulting services;
  • design innovation projects to enhance safety and security of citizens and to improve law enforcement in Kharkiv region and others parts of Ukraine;
  • grant activities- cooperation with international security organizations;
  • involvement of students and researchers in the development and implementation of new scientific products, for instance, in designing of intellectual video monitoring systems.

Director General of the Science Park "Science and Security"  Hlib Fedorov   +38 099 299 50 00,   [email protected]
Director for Innovative, International Cooperation and the Realization of Strategic Projects,
Oksana Tsukan   [email protected]