International activity is one of the priority directions of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs, which aims at:

  • enrichment of the educational and scientific potential through the exchange and use of world experience, with the aim of enhancing professional qualifications, personal development of the University staff and modernizing the training of prospective National Police staff of Ukraine;
  • search for possible partners for cooperation;
  • establishment and optimization of international cooperation with educational institutions of foreign countries, international intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations;
  • involvement of representatives of foreign countries in participation in international scientific and practical conferences, workshops, trainings, seminars held at the University, and preparation of common scientific publications;
  • providing proposals for the development and implementation of projects;
  • activization of publications of scientific and pedagogical staff in international scientometric databases (for example, SCOPUS, Web of Science);
  • promotion of academic mobility of higher education graduates, employees of administrative departments and scientific and pedagogical staff of the University.

The structural department responsible for the coordination of international activities of the University is the Department of International Cooperation. Its main tasks are ensuring the University’s effective work in raising its rating and international authority, presenting the University on the international arena, providing information support and coordinating the participation of representatives of the University departments during various international events (symposiums, congresses, conferences, trainings, workshops, etc.).


Matiushkova Tetiana Petrivna - Head of the Department of International Cooperation, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor, Police Lieutenant Colonel.

  (057) 7398-096, (057) 7398-267

  [email protected]