For the first time, KhNUIA is introducing dual diploma programs on the way to integration into the European educational area.

KhNUIA creates new opportunities for professional realization of graduates. These are joint educational programs of our institution and foreign universities, which provide an opportunity for students of KhNUIA to study in integrated curricula in educational institutions of different countries and simultaneously receive two diplomas: our and European university.

The aim of the dual diploma programs at KhNUIA is to provide opportunities for students/cadets not only to gain experience of studying at a foreign university and expand training opportunities, but also to increase their level of competitiveness in employment.

In addition, studying for dual diploma programs opens up additional opportunities:

  1. Attending lectures of famous European professors, participation in joint research and educational programs.
  2. Gaining experience of being in the conditions of practice-oriented learning with the use of modern technical equipment in classrooms, laboratories, research centers, etc.
  3. Obtaining an internationally recognized diploma provides the best starting positions for employment.
  4. Improving the level of foreign language proficiency.
  5. Opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of the European Union.

Master`s students of the Faculty No.6 have the opportunity to participate in the dual diploma program with the University of Occupational Safety Management in Katowice (WSZOP). It is a modern university of technical and humanitarian profile, whose mission is education and scientific research in the field of issues related to internal security, management and philology. WSZOP cooperates with many universities and research centers in Poland and other European countries, implements international curricula, internships, research, exchange of students and academic staff with leading universities in the European Union.

More details about the Dual Diploma program can be found on the website of the University of Occupational Safety Management by the link.