The important part of each educational establishment is its educational research potential. The Department of Organization of Educational and Scientific Training was created in Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs, it controls and organizes training of scientific and pedagogical staff. Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs prepares doctors of sciences in the following specializations: Theory and History of State and Law, History of Political and Legal Studies; Constitutional Law, Municipal Law, Administrative Law and Procedure; Financial Law; Information Law; Criminal Proceedings and Criminalistics; Forensic Science; Law-Enforcement Intelligence Operations.

Members of the Department:

Head of the Department is Doctor of Legal Sciences, Senior Researcher, Police Major Simonovych Davyd Volodymyrovych.

Leading specialist of the Department is But Yevhenii Ivanovych.

Leading specialist of the Department is Kobchenko Anna Serhiivna.

Specialist of the Department, Police Lieutenant is Kandalintsev Serhii Andriiovych.

Specialist of the Department is Konovalova Rita Yakovlivna.

Contact Information:

Address: Ukraine, Kharkiv, 27, L. Landau Avenue

Tel.: (057) 739-81-92; (057) 739-81-83; (057) 739-83-59; (063) 388-11-01