Director of Sumy Branch of KhNUIA,
Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor
Lukash Serhii Stanislavovych

The Sumy Branch of KhNUIA carries out its educational activities at the first (bachelor’s) and second (master’s) levels of higher education in specialties 081 “Law” and 262 “Law enforcement”. In 2019, the first enrolment of cadets was organized.

Twenty-five years of activity have led to the creation of a powerful educational and material base, considerable experience in the organization and provision of educational process, the formation of a group of scientists and teachers-practitioners, ready for continuous communication, exchange of experience and cooperation, state-of-the-art learning technologies have been developed and put into practice.

In 2018, Centre of Basic Professional Training “Police Academy” which carries out educational activities in the specialty of 5162 “Policeman (according to the specialties)” was attached to the branch.

Today, the Branch employs 32 scientific and pedagogical workers, among them 20 Candidate of Sciences, associate professors and 3 Doctors of Sciences, professors, and 18 pedagogical workers.

Three departments provide training of specialists, among them:

1. Department of Legal Studies.

2. Department of Social and Economic Disciplines.

3.Department of Humanitarian Subjects.

The scientific and pedagogical staff and applicants for higher education of the branch continuously take an active part in various scientific, research and practical conferences, seminars, round tables and other scientific events. The teachers of the branch are authors of various textbooks, teaching and methodological aids, and scientific articles.

Male students have the opportunity to graduate from the Military Chair, which operates at Sumy State University.

The branch has a library with a common fund of more than 69 thousand copies of educational literature. Applicants have the opportunity to use two common reading rooms (one of the periodicals).

The substantive cultural life of the branch is based on student self-government.

A legal clinic has been operating on the basis of Sumy branch of KhNUIA since 2004.