CEPOL is an agency of the European Union dedicated to develop, implement and coordinate training for law enforcement officials.

Since 1 July 2016, the date of its new legal mandate1, CEPOL’s official name is “The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training.

CEPOL’s headquarters are located in Budapest, Hungary.

CEPOL contributes to a safer Europe by facilitating cooperation and knowledge sharing among law enforcement officials of the EU Member States2 and to some extent, from third countries, on issues stemming from EU priorities in the field of security; in particular, from the EU Policy Cycle on serious and organized crime.

CEPOL brings together a network of training institutes for law enforcement officials in the EU Member States and supports them in providing frontline training on security priorities, law enforcement cooperation and information exchange. CEPOL also works with EU bodies, international organizations, and third countries to ensure that the most serious security threats are tackled with a collective response.

Mission: Making Europe a safer place through law enforcement training and learning.

Vision: To be the center of European law enforcement training and learning, focusing on innovation and quality.

Core values:
• Human rights and fundamental freedoms
• European cooperation
• Quality
• Innovation
• Reliability

CEPOL employs a multi-layered approach to learning, including:

1. Residential activities: Residential activities typically take the form of courses, conferences, workshops, and seminars. They normally last a week and are held in a training institute in one of the Member States or at CEPOL HQ. Residential activities provide an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of a subject. Teaching often features case studies and participants are encouraged to share best practices. In 2019 CEPOL will offer for the first time simulations in its training.

2. Online learning: Online learning is a way of computer-based distanced learning. Online learning takes the form of webinars, online modules, and online courses.

3. CEPOL Exchange Programme: The CEPOL Exchange Programme is an Erasmus-style exchange program that allows law enforcement officers to spend one week with a counterpart in their country, exchanging knowledge and good practices, initiating cooperation projects, and fostering deep and long-lasting learning and networking opportunities.

4. CEPOL European Joint Master Programme: this is an EU academic program that aims to address common challenges of law enforcement cooperation in the frame of internal security. It provides students with science-based competences in a European community of practice.

CEPOL provides training and education on a portfolio of activities that are important in the fight against cross-border crime.

• Counter-terrorism

• Crime prevention

• Economic crime

• EU cooperation

• EU policy cycle

• Human rights

• Law enforcement techniques

• Learning and training

• Management

• Other organized crime

• Research & science

Source: https://www.cepol.europa.eu/

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