During the war, all units of the national police worked in an intensified mode, not only on solving crimes of a general criminal nature, but also on war crimes. The question of the use of modern technical means at such a time is very urgent and British colleagues did not stand aside in these difficult times for our country. The first batch of forensic equipment, which included computer and photo equipment, was handed to the Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs for use in the educational process and practical activities of forensic units of the National Police of Ukraine. The second batch of forensic equipment, which includes cameras, forensic lamps (including unique Foster + Freeman stationary forensic lamps), copystands, frames and other various lab ware. The equipment has come directly from the expert forensic units of the Police in England and Wales through the Forensic Capability Network (FCN), which is part of National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) with the personal assistance of Joanne Morrissey, FCN Workforce Strategy Lead.

The transfer of the equipment is only part of the scientific and practical cooperation between the KhNUIA and the FCN, which is implemented at the initiative of the rector of the Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs Valery Sokurenko and the direct assistance of the head of research lab on psychological support of law enforcement Oleksii Serdiuk and the leading researcher of research lab on scientific support of law enforcement and the quality of personnel training Tatiana Matiushkova. In this difficult time for the state, we are working together with European partners to bring our victory closer!