Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs is the higher educational establishment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Recently, together with the public, the University celebrated 100 years since the beginning of training of law enforcement personnel in Kharkiv. During this time, the University has trained more than 50 thousand specialists for law enforcement agencies working in all parts of Ukraine.

Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs trains specialists by the state budget and by funds of individuals and legal entities. There are six Faculties, providing Bachelor’s and Master’s academic degree at the University. Graduates of the Faculty № 1 (pre-trial investigation) can work in pre-trial investigation agencies as investigators. Graduates of the Faculty № 2 (criminal police) work in the units of criminal investigation and combating drug trafficking, in the field of economics protection and in other operational services. Graduates of the Faculty № 3 (preventive police units) can serve as inspectors of juvenile prevention, regulatory approval system, on road traffic safety, psychologists etc. Faculty № 4 (cyberpolice) is the only faculty in the system of departmental institutions of higher education in Ukraine that trains cyber police officers. Its graduates work as investigators, operatives of units for combating cybercrimes and human trafficking offences. Moreover, they can work in operational technical, information and analytical units. Faculty № 5 provides a part time form of studies for police officers.

Students, including foreign citizens, study at the Faculty № 6 (law and mass communications). The Faculty trains Bachelor’s and Master’s academic degree specialists in “Law”, “Law Enforcement Activity”, “Psychology”, “Finances, Banking and Insurance”, “Cybersecurity”.

The University has a preparatory department.

The Department of Military Training has been opened for full-time and part-time students. Graduates are awarded the military rank of “Junior Lieutenant of the Reserve”. The University comprises the Institute of Postgraduate Education, the Sumy Branch, the Centre of Primary Professional Training “Police Academy” of the Sumy Branch, Kremenchuk Flight College.

The University has a modern material and technical base. To practice practical skills, there are training areas, such as, tactical, forensic, police department, center for combating cybercrime and cyberspace monitoring, 100-meter-long shooting range, laser multimedia shooting range “Rubin - U” with physical activity, centers of correctional and psychodiagnostics activities, gender education, the Center of Ukrainian - Polish development, exhibition hall, University museum etc. Furthermore, there are unique classrooms, such as, a courtroom, “Green Room” for providing assistance to the victims of violence, the legal clinic, where cadets and students provide free legal assistance to the general public.

The University actively cooperates with police institutions of Sweden, the Czech Republic, Norway, the USA, Turkey, Croatia, Poland and others.

There is a new University dormitory, a medical unit, canteens and café.

Sports base of the University consists of wrestling halls, exercise rooms, gyms and summer multifunctional sports complex, comprising areas for physical exercises, indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball, obstacle zone. The multifunctional complex “Dynamo-Arena”, which was built according to the modern European standards, allows trainings, classes on special physical and tactical training, sports events, football matches, etc.

Cadets and students of the University spend their leisure time in an interesting and meaningful way. The youth visit theatres, galleries, art exhibitions, etc. Amateur-talent groups and groups of applied arts operate at the University. Cadets and students have the possibility to unlock their creative potential during various mass-cultural events, such as, Beauty contest, celebration of Valentine’s Day, review-competition of amateur art, festival of KVN teams, holiday concerts on the occasion of state and professional holidays.

Numerous squares, places for relaxation and alleys are a real decoration of the University. Different species of wood, decorative bushes, a large number of flowers are planted annually near academic buildings, playgrounds, administrative and other buildings of the University. There is a number of sakuras, which are blooming in the spring.

The staff of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs is awarded with an honorary title “The flagship of education and science of Ukraine”, it has become the winner of All-Ukrainian educational rating “Sophia Kyivska” three times and was honored by the Certificate of Merit of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and other honors.

Address: 27,  L. Landau Avenue, Kharkiv, 61080, Ukraine