The trade union was created in Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs; it is headed by Valerii Moskovets, Assistant to the Rector for work with veteran and public organizations of the Department of organizational and analytical work and control. Every member of the university staff can join the trade union organization. The budget of the trade union organization upon approval by the collective will be spent on the following:

  • childbirth;
  • due to severe illness of the member of the trade union organization and close relatives (a wife, husband, child);
  • purchase of medicaments because of the illness of the trade union member;
  • visiting of the sick trade union members;
  • health improvement of children of the trade union members;
  • repairs of home or roof in case of emergency (fire, flood, destruction);
  • burial of trade union members and their close relatives (a husband, wife, children, parents);
  • weekend vouchers for trade union members and their underage children;
  • health promotion of trade union members;
  • financial aid, that is not subject to taxation.

The trade union will take part in celebration and various solemn dates:

  • children’s New Year’s gifts, New Year’s eve tickets, New Year’s eve parties;
  • meet the artist’s sessions with prominent figures of the modernity, theatre and movie actors, purchase of flowers, etc.

If you wish to join the trade union of the university, please contact a chairman of the trade union of KhNUIA Vladyslav Olehovych Neviadovskyi on the phone: (+380) 50 65-88-240, (+380) 67 55-88-240, email: [email protected]