Лого юридичної кліники

Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs has a Legal Clinic that provides an opportunity for every cadet and student to prove themselves in law enforcement activities.

The activity of the Legal Clinic helps to increase the level of practical knowledge, skills and competencies of students and cadets of legal specialties. Due to the work of the Legal Clinic, elements of practical training for students and cadets in the field of legal services are being introduced into the educational process, legal assistance is being provided to the population and measures are being taken to provide citizens with legal education.

Legal Clinic of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs is an unspecialized clinic, it provides free legal assistance to the population on issues relating to the protection of rights and freedoms in the various branches of law, in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. The forms of legal assistance provided by the Legal Clinic are verbal consultations and preparation of written consultations, the drafting of statements of claim, applications, petitions, etc. The consultants of the Legal Clinic are 2-4 year students and cadets. The clinic’s consultants may take part in the clinic’s client’s case administration in the relevant authorities and institutions. Involvement in the work of the Legal Clinic enables cadets and students not only to better absorb the teaching material, but also to feel the real benefit of their work and to adapt quickly to the conditions of future practice

The proper quality of legal assistance is provided by the control over lecturers, who provide the necessary methodological and theoretical support. The work of the Legal Clinic is carried out in accordance with the Standards of Activity of Legal Clinics of Ukraine. Legal assistance is provided directly upon a visitor’s request or after processing of the material received.

Work with citizens on specific issues takes place in several stages: obtaining the consent of the person for the case administration by a consultant; interviewing the person and obtaining information on the problem; analyzing the situation by a consultant and defining the legal framework. On the basis of the results of this work, a draft consultation is being prepared, which will be agreed with the lecturer of the relevant university department.

Reception of citizens by legal clinic consultants is held every Tuesday from 2.00 to 4.00 p.m. during the academic semesters within the territory of KhNUIA in the Legal Clinic (Hall 121 of Building 5) at the address: Kharkiv, 27 Lva Landau Avenue.

Pre-booking for consultation can be made by telephone 068-217-56-89

email: [email protected]